Kick the Cravings of Sugar, Nicotine, Caffeine

Light, Natural, Refreshing … No Guilt!

Krave Kicker 16oz

Light, Natural, Refreshing … No Guilt!

Are you getting burned out by “energy” drinks loaded with caffeine, that pick you up, and then drop you off like a slug with a hangover?

Are you a smoker who can’t take on life without a cigarette every time something, anything, stressful happens, or even “almost” happens?

Do you drink diet drinks or “zero” drinks with artificial sweeteners in them? Did you know those CAUSE weight gain and c-c-c-c-c-c-cancer? Yep, aspartame and sucralose are made in laboratories by scientists mixing chemicals for Big Pharma. Oops. They’re GMO – genetically modified and cause digestive issues and anxiety. Read the warning signs.

Listen, it’s time to curb your whole “unhealthy” lifestyle, just a little bit at a time, starting with Krave Kicker. If you ace those 5-hour energy’s and those M-m-m-m-m-m-monsters, wow, that would save some money and “down” time.

If you could quit that Starbucks super sugary “specialty” drink, that would help you heal.

Let’s quit the caffeine, the sugar, the fake sugar, the nicotine, whatever! Little by little, just kick it’s ass with Krave Kicker, the all-natural supplement blend that enhances your mood, with no crash later.

It’s amazing.

Krave Kicker founder is the author of two top-selling health books on Amazon …


Cigarette Industry SHOCKED by new crave-kicking invention!

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4-Hour KRAVE KICKER comes in a great tasting liquid shot (2.5 ounces) for just $4.99 for single shot or get a 3-pack that kicks your cigarette cravings ALL DAY for just $12.99. Coming soon get the 14-day supply of 4-Hour KRAVE KICKER for just $110.00 and end your smoking habit for good!

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Thanks to KRAVE KICKER™ – now you can comfortably sit through that work meeting, take that long flight, go on that road trip, or just chill at work!

Even attend that non-smoking event without Jones’n for a smoke!

Every 2.5 ounce bottle of Krave Kicker is …

Nicotine free, GMO free, sugar free, caffeine free, and chemical free! 

Krave Kicker decreases the desire to smoke by sending the brain a signal that temporarily suppresses the craving for nicotine. Krave Kicker contains a proprietary formula that helps with mood and well-being. It also includes two vitamins (C and E) to help you feel good and fight cancer, with no caffeine and no sugar, so you avoid the ‘crash’ later.

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KRAVE KICKER is the perfect gift for those loved ones trying to kick the habit!

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4-Hour KRAVE KICKER is a liquid ‘shot’ that helps extend time between

smoke breaks and can help smokers quit smoking for good.

Trust me, I am the “Cigarette Killer” and I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of videos and books on how to quit smoking naturally, and I’ve authored over 100 published articles on the subject, and this invention is BY FAR the easiest way to kick your “nic” cravings for 4 hour blocks during the day and night, and possibly quit for life!

Once you kick the cravings, you kick the habit! That’s the trick.

Published Author and Inventor Sean D. Cohen:


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watch this and quit!

Conspiracy theory becomes reality – True Crimes and Cover-ups – Galore!

Natural News Tracker

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There is a reason so many people turn to holistic, non-invasive medicine, and raw, whole organic food, when chemical medicine and junk science fail them. There’s a reason over 7 million people visit Natural News every month to find out the good, the bad and the ugly about so called “conspiracy” theories, ones that not only have come true, but have been true for decades.

It’s not that every company and corporation is “out to get you,” but rather that you must be a defensive consumer, just as you’re probably a defensive driver. Think of how many wrecks you would have already experienced if you were not defensive. Health “wrecks” are no different. Some “cars” will simply hit you and hurt you if you don’t watch where you’re going.

For example, In Flint, Michigan, Government officials simply covered up the fact that the tap water had been switched to lead-contaminated…

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Food Forensics – The New Book Hits the Shelves this July!

"Stop Smoking King" - Freedom 4U Starts Now!

gmo mask

Over the past 75 years, as the USA has developed new chemicals for agriculture, personal care products, hospitals, businesses, homes, and schools, so has developed, unfortunately, the widespread contamination of our conventional food, tap water and allopathic medicine. Many of the industrial and processing chemicals of these industries go completely untested, unchecked, and unlabeled, or the “ingredients” are so long and complicated, people don’t even know whether they are foods, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, toxic herbicides, pesticides, concentrated salts, artificial sweeteners, plastics (BPA), known carcinogens, excitotoxins, genetically modified organisms, or deadly artificial ingredients. The lab director at the Consumer Wellness Center, Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of, uses high-end ICP-MS instrumentation to detect heavy metal toxins, dangerous pesticides and even herbicides in foods, superfoods, tap water, cigarettes and vaccines (including the flu shot)–down to the parts per billion. These heavy metal toxins may include lead…

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Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) HELP smokers quit cigarettes!

Kill the Urge!

Quit Smoking in 14 days with 14andOut

Britain’s Department of Health says electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) HELP smokers quit cigarettes and have 95% less toxins – New study reveals. The FDA of the USA won’t advocate e-cigs because they have no control over them right now and they help smokers quit cigarettes, but an agency for Britain’s Department of Health wants to help its people avoid disease and health destruction, so they released the truth about electronic cigarettes and the latest study reveals they contain 95% less toxins on average than cancer sticks. Folks, the proof is “in.”

E-cigarettes, if you weren’t sure, are tobacco-free devices people use to inhale vapor that often contains nicotine and some natural flavoring, so of course Big Tobacco doesn’t want anyone getting their nicotine fix from anywhere else, other than their 7,000-chemical-loaded pesticide sticks that burn at 1700 degrees and drive the billion-dollar cancer industry that Big Tobacco invests in heavily. Some…

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Every US mass shooting is staged with the same creepy, happy crisis actors

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crisis 2

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to watch someone lie and know that they are a liar. It’s easy. If someone is a victim or a close relative of a victim of a mass shooting, and it’s only the same day or the next day, they will obviously be sad, distraught, and maybe still angry, but NOT THESE CRISIS ACTORS. They are so happy to be in the spotlight for their “15 minutes of fame” that they can’t contain themselves. Plus, the SAME ACTORS are at different mass shootings all over the country – what are RARE coincidence that they are related to all the victims of all the shootings and happen to be at the same place where all the events took place, including Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Oregon Community College shootout. Wow. Actors really do get around! They must be paid…

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The US Government is at it again – covering up their real war while staging fake terror elsewhere

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idiot box

There are no conspiracy theorists anymore because the US government has already done everything nefarious anyone could even think of with their best imagination. We started a war on false pretense, that Iraq had WMDs, when they most certainly did not. We see coverage of mass shootings on the news that happen in US states, but we never see the “automatic” weapons being carried by the perpetrators, and the news doesn’t talk about the psycho psych drugs the alleged shooters are taking before and probably during the events, and then we always here the same mission statement from the White house right after, something about gun control and automatic gun grabs, like the Nazis did before they killed 6 million Jews.

There are no conspiracy theorists anymore because the military industrial complex and the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the biotechnology industrial complex have thought up, created, grown and sold all…

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Strange “Jade Helm” map coincidence revealed – turn US map slightly and the Southwest states planned for martial law MATCHES map of Middle East

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modern m.e.

Is the US planning to invade Iran? Why would our leaders be dumb enough to use a war plan map as a template for war “practice” in Texas? Which states are hostile and which ones are friendly and do they completely correspond to our enemies and allies in the Middle East? Will Jade Helm also coincidentally coincide with total US economic collapse and a new false flag terror “drill.” You know, there were “drills” going on right before 9/11 and US flew nearly every fighter jet away from DC and New York before the two planes hit the two buildings. We still haven’t heard an explanation as to why building seven was demolished and why there was a round missile sized hole and no plane wreckage/carnage at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th. Is war to be staged or engaged, and with whom? Some nation we claim is full of terrorists…

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Krave Kicker

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The Take Down Of America


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