Vitamins and minerals rarely, if ever, result in death, but prescription drugs … that’s another story!

There are a few people and especially some big pharmaceutical companies who are relentless in their effort to cast vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural herbs as harmful materials. But a report from U.S. National Poison Data System says something else. According to Natural News, the report has shown that not a single person has died from the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural herbs since 2009. On the contrary, thousands of people in U.S. die every year in spite of using FDA approved medicines.

Pharmaceutical companies work hard to keep people away from these simple remedies for diseases and provide them with costly, side effect ridden drugs that often fail to serve the purpose. The government authorities also do not seem to be interested in propagating the use of these medicines as that can harm the interest of the drug companies. It is no wonder why the governments across the world are not taking any steps to preach the efficiency of these natural remedies. Mike Adams regards this as a war on natural medicine and health regulators are fighting hard to keep the big pharmaceutical companies in business.

Moreover, it has also been found that a large number of people who use medicines for coronary artery disease can develop excessive bleeding or blood clotting problems. It may sound bizarre but it is true; the medicines that they use are the main origin of these problems. According to Natural News, in a study conducted by Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute of over 521 cardiac patients, it has been seen that only 25 percent of the patients have been getting the correct doses of the medicines and the remaining 75 percent was subjected to either high doses or insufficient doses of medication thus leading to the probability of excessive internal hemorrhage or blood clotting.

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