The CORPORATE “noose” around organic farmers’ necks tightens to propagate GMOs


“Do Business with Us or Else face the Consequences of Pressure, Contamination, and Propaganda:”

Multinational agricultural corporations have always done their best to put organic farms out of business. Now, they have once again started to flex their muscles against the production of organic foods as a U.S. Department of Agriculture committee is going to make an official recommendation to higher authorities of suing organic farmers if their crops are found to be contaminated with GMOs. Natural News reports that all organic and non-GMO farmers may have to buy their own crop insurance in case their crops get contaminated with GMO. This may sound absurd but it is a fact that the government is succumbing to the interests of food giants and thwarting the natural ways of growing food.

This is like if you had to buy insurance to cover a thief’s injuries if they hurt themselves while robbing your home, or maybe if they lose some of the money they rob from you, you need insurance to cover the difference FOR THEM.

The cultivation of non-GMO foods may soon become illegal as the multinational food giants want to maximize their income even more even if it comes at the cost of human lives. Every day, genetically modified crops are giving rise to a number of diseases on which big pharmaceutical industries are capitalizing. It is to be kept in mind that though the food companies and government agencies claim that GMOs are perfectly safe and can be consumed without any harm, these materials are enough to cause incurable diseases.

The coexistence between GMO crops and organic crops is practically impossible. Bees, birds and other pollinating agents can carry elements from chemical laden GMO fields to harmless organic crops several miles away. Natural News opines that the government agencies have so far not taken any measure to resist the contamination. Instead, quite ironically, organic farmers are going to be held responsible for the GMO contamination of their seeds. It is more like that a drunk driver will sue a pedestrian for an accident. However, the noose around the organic farmers is going to grow strong as long as food giants stay in business.

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  1. Nice post, but of course, I’ve spent a major part of my blogging life bitching about GMO’s and the blatant destruction they leave in their path with regard to your health and mine AND the planet. Soirry, there I go again!
    I do feel however that we must tell it like it is. What is happening is criminal and they are unwelcome in a great part of our world. With Vilsack heading up the Big Agriculture, it seems almost futile – – but that is were we must strive for action. That and the white house.

    Too many of our government departments are skewed toward mega business and their profits, showing NO CONCERN whatever for humanities health or future. and that all this poisoning of our people is what is driving up our health care costs and ruining our health. So if any of us are serious, we must reach ears of those who DO have the power to take legitimate action. First comes our own awareness levels and education > reaching proper authorities to register our intentions and demands > and most importantly, using our wallets and the voting booth.

    Monsanto HAS been successfully sued over this very issue, many times. It is harder here in USA because they have bought everybody and have placed their own highly p[laced executives into positions of authority from which the revolving door goes around and around. My God, someone shut me up before I bore us all to death.

    Keep up your good work. Jan (from you know where)

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