Aluminum in baby food is ushering a dark future

toxic dog chocInfants heavily depend on milk and other baby foods in order to build the base of their body, mind and life. Humans are the only animals that drink milk of other animals and also the only to drink milk even after infancy. But the most striking revelation that has been made in the field of baby food is that most of these contain high level of aluminum which is not only harmful for the human body but can also produce some disastrous consequences. Exposure to higher level of aluminum right from infancy can lead to the development of cancer and Alzheimer’s at a later stage of life.

It may sound shocking but Natural News reports that most of the popular baby food formulas contain 150 times more aluminum than fresh breast milk or treated cow milk. Aluminum easily accumulates in the bones and the neural tissues though serious health hazards have not yet been reported. However, some fundamental researche on rats have shown that high levels of aluminum in daily diet creates an oxidative stress in the brain of infant rats by compromising the cellular antioxidants.

In 1996, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a journal where it clearly stated that several young children were found to be suffering of aluminum intoxication which ultimately could result in soft and fragile bones. In 2010, Professor Chris Exley of University of Keele studied several samples of baby food and found high levels of aluminum concentration especially in the ready-made foods. Though the companies manufacturing baby food were warned several times, they did not seem to pay any attention to those warnings and infesting baby food with aluminum still continues. Therefore, according to Natural News, parents should always be aware of what they are feeding their children with because most baby foods are making the future dark.

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