Freedom Chronicles 2026 by Mike Adams: The new age 1984

Many have read the novel 1984 by George Orwell. The novel is Orwell’s own depiction of what the world could become in the year 1984 under tyrannical governments. It ironically depicts the condition of a fictitious state named Oceania under the tyrannical rule of Big Brother. Through humor, Orwell has pointed towards the dullness of modern governments and the scary way in which they rule their people. Health Ranger Mike Adams has authored a similar book called Freedom Chronicles 2026 in which he has painted the true nature of national governments and authorities.

The truth behind the scene always goes unnoticed. According to Natural News, the author, Mike Adams, has unveiled the long hidden facts of governance in his book. Though this book is entirely fictional, it indicates what America is gradually turning into. The government is always searching for new ways to curb personal freedom of its citizens. In recent years, several new departments have been established in order to increase surveillance on the general public. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the walls around general people are constantly narrowing and will one day likely kill them.

Mike Adams emphasizes the importance of collective resistance against governmental aggression. It is the duty of the citizens to protect their rights under governmental pressure. This book is a perfect depiction of what America may become in the future if the U.S. government continues with its current policies. The big corporations and the corruption in every corner are carrying the nation to the verge of total collapse. However, Natural News reports that this situation can be reversed with proper public initiative. It is clear that the government is going to do little for the welfare of the general public and so people have to arrange for their own well-being.

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