U.S. turning into anarchy with hospitals conducting needless treatments!

surgeon on break

As soon as break is over, it’s right back to work!

Natural News has always pointed out that hospitals and clinics all over the U.S. have been extracting money by providing needless and unnecessary treatments on people, especially elders. But now, the profit seeking hospitals are also carrying out unnecessary surgeries on elderly patients who hardly survive even after the successful completion of surgeries. This is a new method of squeezing money out of the patients’ families in order to maximize profits. This evil practice is fast becoming a lucrative method of earning money and is spreading like a plague.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that more than 1.8 million healthcare beneficiaries aged over 65 died in 2008. Among them, over 34 percent were operated on the last year of their life, 25 percent in the last month and 10 percent in the last week. Yet, other studies reveal that the stress of the surgery and the dilapidated condition of the U.S. healthcare industry is principally responsible for the death of so many elderly people every year. But the most horrifying thing is that neither the hospitals nor the doctors feel the necessity to consult with the patients regarding their wishes.


Natural News reports that doctors are also paid incentives by the hospitals depending on the number of surgeries they conduct in a month. That is why doctors also do not take the initiative to consult with the patients regarding their wishes. Moreover, it has been revealed that America’s 175 most disgusting hospitals are the costliest in the country. The only institutions that gain from these unnecessary surgical procedures are the hospitals and the insurance companies. The government does little to stop this practice as its only aim is to preserve the interest of the pharmaceutical companies even if it comes at the cost of human lives.

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