U.S. government to set new parameters for air pollution: Health Ranger reports on the idiocracy!

jet pollution

Air pollution has always been a matter of concern for scientists and environmental activists all over the world. It is needless to say that air pollution is the primary contributor to the global warming phenomenon. So, the issue of air pollution needs to be dealt with in proper and effective measures; but the U.S. government, instead of curtailing the air pollution more, seems to be concerned with the progress so far and is making plans to relax air pollution regulations. Natural News reports that the government is seriously thinking about withdrawing heath standards that have restricted lead in gasoline for 25 years.

In the last 25 years, lead concentration in the air has reduced significantly and it has made the EPA consider the possibility of revoking the health standards that prohibit lead in gasoline. It is needless to say that lead is one of the most notorious pollutants in the world and can give rise to several critical diseases in those who remain exposed to it for long. However, this does not stop the U.S. authorities from revisiting and rethinking their strategies regarding lead in gasoline. More lead in gasoline means more lead-laden fumes from automobiles. It will erase the environmental development of 25 years in a few days.


Natural News reports that the U.S. administration has also imposed a new environmental standard for the emission of smoke in the air. Through with its latest regulation, the U.S government has reduced the maximum level of emission by 20 percent. This act; however, comes as  welcome news to people like Lisa Jackson who happens to be an EPA administrator and at the same time the mother of two boys suffering from asthma. Lisa hopes that this step will help to maintain cleaner and more breathable air for generations to come.


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