Government sitting on a pile of firearms tells people to abjure guns

handful of bullets

Natural News highlights the hypocrisy of the U.S. government as, on one hand it is buying guns and ammunition worth billions of dollars, while on the other, it is telling its citizens to get rid of guns as ‘guns are bad.’ The government has also drafted plans to move ahead with a widespread gun confiscation program which is going to leave people helpless and defenseless in the face of dangers. Though many are seeing this as a direct infringement of the Second Amendment, U.S. authorities do not seem to be concerned much about what people think and may have to say.

Massive gun confiscation is nothing new in this world. Adolf Hitler also launched a massive gun confiscation program before he unleashed his wrath on the common people. Whether or not America is going towards such an event is a matter of controversy but one thing is sure, that this gun confiscation is going to do no good to U.S. citizens. However, a cartoon recently published on the CounterThink website clearly depicts what the government is doing and what  it expects the general public to do.

Natural News reports that the government has turned into a hypocrite and is therefore asking people to surrender their guns while it itself is buying huge rounds of ammo and guns at the expense of billions of dollars. The government has already purchased huge shipments of hollow point .40 caliber ammo, hollow point .223 rifle ammo, non-hollow point .223 rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, anti personnel sniper rounds, pistol ammo, tactical anti-personnel and anti-vehicle rounds. It is to be kept in mind that most of this ammo has been bought for the Department of Homeland Security which does not have any jurisdiction outside U.S. soil. So, there is a high probability that this ammo will be used against U.S. citizens themselves.

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