Natural News: Vaccination paves the way for diseases instead of preventing their onslaught

vaccine processing (2)

Vaccines have long been termed as efficient weapons in the fight against diseases. Accordingly, a large number of people, especially children are still vaccinated several times in order to boost their immune systems against viruses. But Natural News says that the truth about vaccines is not only different but contradicts the normal concept about vaccines. It is reported that vaccines often cause serious health conditions including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). A recent study also shows that infants who have severe lower respiratory tract infections may also have a dysfunctional immune response.

Natural News reports that vaccines in fact weaken the immune system. As it is the basic instinct of the human immune system to fight any foreign body that finds its way into the body through unnatural routes, the body drains vital minerals and vitamins from organs and bones in order to make more antibodies that can counter the injected vaccines. This loss of vitamins may even result in fractures, hemorrhage, retinal bleeding and bruising. Vaccines not only weaken the immune system but also give rise to diseases like diabetes, bronchitis, asthma and cardiac problems.

Processing of disease and destruction:

It is now a widely known fact that vaccines contain harmful chemicals. Most of the modern vaccines are made of aluminum, monosodium glutamate and other toxins that can pose serious threats to human health. Natural News opines that the only method of strengthening the immune system is combating the actual disease. In natural immunization, the body catalogs the diseases that it has gone through and in most cases it becomes immune to those diseases. This natural immunization involves no harmful chemical or any harmful vaccine that aggravates the disease instead of alleviating it. But the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry as a whole are pushing more and more vaccines into the market in order to earn more profits.


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