Aborted human fetal proteins, altered DNA material, and genetically-modified human albumin top the chart for shocking vaccine ingredients


Natural News is asking you right now: “What will you do to protect yourself from the chicken pox and the mumps? What will you do to protect yourself from getting Hepatitis A or Polio? Will you run to the doctor, the one who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year scribbling out toxic prescriptions and giving you advice about injecting known toxinsthat can cause autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and central nervous system disorders? Is that who you trust?” Consider this:

It’s the same philosophy you know, as the commercials you see on television, with all those lunatic side effects. It’s the same line of thinking. It’s the same “round table”doctor’s discussion of planned chronic care therapy. It’s the same crooked AMA. It’s the same crooked FDA, since the 1920’s and 1930’s. Yep. It’s that same “8 years” of college dedicated to chemical medicine, unnecessary surgery and radiation. 8 years learning how to use poison to treat disease – to use chemicals to treat chemically induced problems. The doctor who writes prescriptions for medications with side effects like those of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, feelings of suicide, internal bleeding, to name a few, well, that is the same doctor who took virtually no nutrition courses, EVER, in college, in practice, during internships and field studies – none of it! They don’t know.

Toxic medicine get the FAST APPROVAL METHOD from FDA and CDC:

This practice is only about 100 years young, but Western medicine masses wait in long lines to get injected with the very diseases they are waiting in line “not to get” or to “get a lesser severity of.” This practice is DEAD wrong; it is ethically evil, and the rest of the thinking, informed world uses natural remedies, for protection, immunity, treatment, cure, detoxification, and more. Yes, I said it. the rest of the world is smarter, in general, than the United  States masses, when it comes to food and medicine. Even the third world countries know GMO is cancerous. Study the“hidden” history of medicine, and research nature’s medicine that’s been working for thousands of years, not fooling the masses for 100.

Injecting “mental” toxins leads directly to injecting physical toxins:

When you read and hear and see the same message over and over, often you start believing it’s true. Television shows, commercials, and just about every newspaper simply lie over and over again and fool the masses.

The JAMA-like journals and sites like WebMD lie through their teeth and fool the masses, but Natural News Editor Mike Adams reveals all their insidious motives and shines light on the path of good health.Once you start watching these videos, you can’t stop. The information is so important and so vital to thriving in the face of adversity, in the face of all this BAD medicine, it is the sensible solution.


Immunity does NOT come from injecting a little bit of these new superbug diseases, along with a lot of insane additives, carriers, preservatives, and brain damage culprits. Immunity doesn’t just show up, miraculously firing off anti-bodies. In fact, the shock of the toxic cocktail injection throws your body into panic, fight or flight, and the rush reaction can leave you dead or paralyzed. How can the USA be so deep in the dark? How can millions of people be fooled so badly?

You will not believe what they (Western Medicine) have the masses injecting on a regular basis: Natural News blog sites will be covering much more of this:





All Vaccines Are Dangerous. Warning: “Lunatic side effects; ask your doctor if disease, disorder and coma are right for you!”
Learn more:

Add in Superfoods* to your regular daily regimen and stay HEALTHY: http://store.naturalnews.com/Superfoods_c_4.html

Natural News supporting blogsites and bloggers in general are commenting and are now digging into this important topic:




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