Toxic vaccines – Refuse and you are fired!

forced vaccination

Toxic vaccines – Refuse and you are fired! Welcome to the USA, home of the forced vaccinations. Step up or lose your job! Kids getting vaccinated at schools WITHOUT parental consent. What’s the latest? Nurses of 20 years dedication to hospital fired for refusing flu shot:

If you are a part of the healthcare industry in the U.S. or even better, work as a professional, you can be fired for not taking a flu shot when requested to do so by the authorities. Were you aware of this shocking fact? Guess not. A nurse actually got thrown out of her 22 years of career in the hospital because she denied taking a flu shot. Isn’t it simply outrageous? And, this is all over the news. ABC has it:–abc-news-health.html–abc-news-health.html

And, so does Natural News, which has been propagating the usage of organic food  against GMOs and harmful chemical induced vaccines which only get you one step closer to death with every consumption.

The point is, why did this happen? The nurse just refused to take the vaccine, which we have all the rights to, as protected by  U.S. state laws. In fact, in Indiana, there are laws that protect the citizens from taking vaccines either due to religious or medical reasons. Want to know more? Take a look at this:

The reason is clear. If you take vaccines, you are a peaceful citizen but as soon as you refuse to do so, you become a rebel not adhering to the health and welfare policies implemented by the government. And, thus the nurse got fired – more to follow (surely!).

Vaccines have a number of side effects that may not always be apparent but they result in harmful consequences a few years down the line. Some of those side effects have been discussed in Natural News, so that you are aware of what is injected to your body. A few of these include Bovine Cow Serum, Formaldehyde, gelatin and a lot more. You need to go through the details well so that you are able to protect yourself from being a victim of unforeseen diseases. Stay away from vaccinations that may do more harm than good.

Now, for the worst part – babies are becoming the main victims. The content of certain chemicals have a pre-specified level of inclusion in the compound, going above which can cause serious ailments. However, research has proven that the mercury content they are consuming due to the vaccinations is actually ten times the maximum level.

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