Food, health, medicine, crops: You may be getting HOODWINKED by USA

splenda toxic (2)

Here is how U.S. Healthcare is making sure that you NEVER get off medications: Natural News exposes fraud:

Forget paranoia, duped existence is the new kid in the block!

Everything is hoodwinked. Haven’t you heard of it before? Well, in simple words, you have been duped!

Facts remain hidden, as lies get highlighted and passed on for truth, and this is the scene everywhere. Food, health, medicine, crops – you name it and it is there, staring straight at your face and making you realize how foolish you’ve been for so long.

You don’t know who to believe. Do you know for sure that your tax money is being used for the developments and military requirements or does the government just print money whenever they feel they need for it? Is the healthcare establishment really helping you or just making sure that you never feel the need to get off medications. And with them in partnership is the food industry with their poisoned produce that ensures to a level of certainty that we never become fully healthy again.

Not long ago, Natural News reported a shocking incident which put forward few facts about the actors and their deceitful existence.

So, what was your initial reaction when you got to know that everything that you’ve been watching on the television for all these years has been rigged? And, if you look at yourself today, would you feel that you’ve grown to accept this duped existence as the reality?

You’ve been kept under constant medication, probably lived under the impression of being terminally ill thanks to the American medical fraternity

And if you’re thinking of taking multivitamins, better stay away, if you don’t want to do more harm  than good to your system. They have toxins that can make things worse for you.

As if all this isn’t enough, a number of so called acts of terror have been “staged” so that there is less chance of facing protests when equally terrifying laws are enacted and our Bills of Rights lose their power.

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