Chlorella gets contaminated with heavy metals while the perfect nutrient keeps mental depression away


It was being reported for quite some time that chlorella from some sources were contaminated with heavy metals, but it was more rumor than fact. But the latest test conducted by Natural News reveals that some chlorella is indeed contaminated with metals like aluminum, cadmium and lead. Some have even been found to retain some pharmaceutical residues and pesticides. It has also been found that the chlorella from China was most contaminated of all the test samples, closely followed by the products from a few other countries.

The tests failed to detect any mercury in chlorella. This may be a bit surprising but is not at all impossible. However, the chlorella from China was found to be the most contaminated with metals more than the chlorella from any other source. Though the lead, cadmium and arsenic accumulation in chlorella were not near the danger level, the level of aluminum accumulation was a matter of concern. It is now a widely known fact that the over-consumption of aluminum can lead to some serious consequences.

There has always been a perception that Omega-3 is essential for life but no one could probably even think of the dire consequences of the lack of Omega-3 in the human body. Natural News reports that the deficiency in Omega-3 can lead to abnormal behavior and there is a possibility that such behavior could turn violent at times. It is also reported that this deficiency can even lead to mental depression and ultimately to premature death. However, it is possible to reduce the deficiency by eating proper foods that are laden with fatty acids like Omega-3. People should always check for a deficiency in Omega-3 in their blood with an “Omega-3 blood spot” test.


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