The truth about vaccines: A natural news shocker!

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Vaccines were always regarded to be a reliable weapon against deadly diseases. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry propagated it that way. But now it is being revealed that most of the vaccines contain certain elements that are not only harmful but can result in severe and lifelong suffering of patients. Natural News reveals that most vaccines contain thimerosal, an additive that is supposed to counter any contaminant in vaccines. But the naked truth about thimerosal is that it can give rise to various neurological disorders including autism in children and extensive brain damage in adults. The complete news story is covered at:

Thimerosal for the zombies of America!

The ill effects of thimerosal in mercury were first detected in 1977, but it did not stop the vaccination of people in the U.S. So, how could vaccines be used for so long in spite of the threat that they pose? The answer is the nexus between the pharmaceutical corporations and the health advisors of the government. The World Health Organization has published a list containing the names of those advisors who instigated WHO to declare a Phase Six pandemic in 2009. The list contains the names Arnold Monto, Nancy Cox, John Wood, Maria Zambon and Neil Ferguson, all of whom received money from big pharmaceuticals. Learn more at:

However, there is a worldwide effort to completely remove toxins like mercury from vaccines and this is putting the vaccine industry in a panic. Natural News reports that the United Nations is considering a new treaty that would criminalize any use of mercury in vaccines. Tim Bolen, a well known consumer advocate, opines that if this treaty is implemented, it could result in curtailing the illegitimate profits of the vaccine industry. The lawsuits that have been filed against the vaccine industry from time to time would fall heavy on the industry; ultimately resulting in its end. Learn more at:


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