Vaccine hoax continues to fool Americans

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Natural News, on several occasions, has made it clear that vaccinations yield little or no result at all. Now, it is reported that the news of the outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu was nothing but a well-orchestrated hoax. According to a report by Fox News, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a noted health authority in Europe, has opined that it was nothing but a fabricated campaign designed to put people in panic. It was done to pressure the World Health Organization or WHO and force it to declare a pandemic of the disease. Dr. Wodarg considers this “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.” Know more about this at:

The U.S. government; however, seems to be unrelenting in the matter of vaccinations. In fact, it has set the stage to take the issue of vaccinations a step further. Mike Adams reports that the U.S. government has decided to go forward with the testing of anthrax vaccines on human babies. It may sound bizarre but it is true that humans have been turned into mere experimental objects by the government. The probability is that mostly babies with black skin will be used for this purpose. To know more about this grueling story visit:

So, why don’t vaccines really help in preventing diseases? Just because they are not meant to do it. In fact, Natural News has published a book titled 25 Amazing Facts about the Hidden History of Medicine in which several hidden facts about the pharmaceutical industry have been revealed. The facts are disturbing enough and it justifies why they are kept hidden from human eyes. Take for example, blood thinning medicines. According to the book, these medicines are made from pig intestines and rat poison. There are many more like this and to know about all of them visit:


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