GMO world shocked! Organic farming out-produces Big Ag!

organic cows
22 tons of crops in only two acres of land through organic farming:
Biotech giants all over the world are relentless in their efforts to establish that GMO farming is the only hope for the future agriculture industry. But as it turns out, organic farming is capable of producing much more yields than GMO farming. Natural News reports that a rice farmer in India has been able to produce more than 22 tons of crops in only two acres of land through organic farming. It proves that high productivity is possible if organic farming is carried out in a systematic way, thus nullifying the claim of biotech giants that only GMOs can provide a long term solution. More of this news is at

If you want to reduce your dependence on food companies and want to lead a healthy life it is better for you to plant your own organic vegetable garden. There are many advantages of growing your own food. Firstly, you will find that it is cost effective and you will be able to save a lot of money at the end of the month. Second, the foods that you would produce would be absolutely free of chemicals and toxins that infest GMOs and most packed foods. Thus you will be able to live a healthy life consuming the foods from your own garden. Know more at .

You may think that planting a garden and growing your own food can be a tedious task. On the contrary, you can actually start producing your own food this spring and summer if you follow some simple steps. Natural News has prepared six simple rules that you need to follow in order to start production in your own garden. All these steps are easy to follow and do not require a preparation of Biblical proportion. If you simply MUST know more of how you can produce your own food log on to .

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