The Government’s business of robbing farms and banks

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The USDA has sanctioned a law passing the mandatory registration of farms and agricultural lands owned by farmers of the USA. Under this policy, all farmers are to compulsorily participate in the inventory of farm business, workforce and property. If the farmers refuse to fill out the forms or stay away from inspection the government authorities have other means to get the information. The innocent farmers are increasingly becoming victims to spies sent by the government to monitor the property details. Natural News thinks that it’s a bad instance where the famers can be sent to jail for filling incorrect information or have their privacy invaded for not filling out any. To read more cases of harassment and distress in the U.S. operated states connect to

The European Commission has approved the new Plant Reproductive Material Law which enlisted all legal seeds under the government rule. Use any other seeds for growing plants in your industrial garden would be considered punishable under the law. This law seems to target at total domination by the government of the gardens. This type law would prevent growing of seeds for the home gardens and small scale farms. The gardeners would have to pay a fee to the EU to register their seeds under this act for government approval. The government’s basic “proposed” and now enforced idea is to safeguard the national security and prevent any form of biohazards being grown into the nations’ gardens. To get more information log on to

Not only crops and seeds, the Cyprus government has gone a few steps ahead to undermine the common people of their peace of mind and monetary security. Now, the government has directly intervened into the private information about bank accounts of the people in all the banks of the nation. The result there has been reportedly a steal of 10% from the bank accounts. The greatest robbery of all time and what a harassment! And, beware, Natural News states that government can check on private information from any bank for its own premeditated purpose. You can read more about this news log on to

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