Eric Holder and Lois Lerner “know nothing” about IRS scandal, yeah right!


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I plead the fifth your honor! Because when I get busted later, the lies won’t look so blatantly criminal, and you won’t give me as many years in prison. Isn’t that how it goes, when criminals stay silent in court? Their attorney always tells them not to talk because they will incriminate themselves, but innocent people talk all the time in court and in judicial hearings, because they know they’re not going to SLIP UP. When you’re telling the truth, you can tell the same story over and over and over and mess up the details. When you’re innocent, you want to scream it, “I’m innocent.” You don’t stand around in court whispering to everyone, looking at your “play book” or saying “I don’t know” to every question anyone asks you. That in itself basically proves your guilt, and it’s obvious Holder and Lerner know a lot more than they are claiming, which is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


The U.S. Government and the FEDS have completely devastated our Bill of Rights, including Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, private property and freedom of press and the right to bear arms, but now that the victims are all speaking up because they’ve caught the worst criminals of our country red-handed, that being the people who run security and tax collection. Pay your taxes you slaves or we’ll buy tanks and automatic rifles and come to your home to collect! This is what is being played out in USA right now, and the IRS came knocking at the doors of the people and organizations who don’t like Obama and the way he’s running the country. This is what is being played out on mass media, who used to love to publicize all the distractions from government crimes, that media is now so deep in it all they can’t help but publicize the worst crooks to ever walk on Earth, the IRS and the DHS. Not only should they be put out of office and positions of power, they should be convicted for lying to judicial panels and for violating the Constitution of the USA. They are traiters. They are like spies working for our Government at the highest levels. They must be ousted!

Top IRS Official Lois Lerner will Invoke 5th Amendment and Not Answer House Committee Questions on IRS Scandal:

They are caught red-handed this time and they are begging for their constitutional rights, the same ones we have that they have violated in the worst ways. They deserve a judge and jury to throw the book at them! No parole. No bail. No right to vote. Get behind natural news enthusiasts who are tired of the good guys losing and the bad guys getting away “with murder.” For all the organic farms that have been raided by the feds, for all the nutritional supplement distributors who have lost their stores and their businesses, for all the free speech rights activists who have been found “suicided,” this is sweet revenge and this is just karma welling up on the crooks. Follow the story on Natural and InfoWars if you want the truth:

“IRS official Lois Lerner who heads the tax exempt division of the IRS will be invoking Fifth Amendment protections under the Bill of Rights to avoid incriminating herself in federal testimony, reports the LA Times. What makes this such a hilarious example of hypocrisy, of course, is the fact that her office specifically targeted non-profits that were teaching the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

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