BRCA1 Gene Testing: another US Government gimmick to ensure huge profit flow to MNCs?

breast cancer gene raider
The promotion for BRCA1 gene patenting reached a new level in the U.S. with the news of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. Whilst some feel it is true, Natural News thinks that the entire thing might be a hoax. Whether she has actually gone under the knife still looms large. In this regard, Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News, feels that it is just another ploy of the US federal government to get more profit for the cancer industry. The Obamacare health mandate, that is to be put to action from January 2014, has made it mandatory that every American pay for the BRCA1 gene test. Jolie’s operation or the propagation of the same appears too well crafted.

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Myriad Genetics is the organization to which the BRCA1 gene testing is patented to. The news of Angelina Jolie’s operation led to a steep rise in the share prices of this company. Since it is patented by Myriad Genetics, the testing is expensive and ensures a billion or even trillion profit for the company. Further this is also seen as a way to influence the US Supreme court’s pending decision regarding Myriad Genetics’ patenting rights. In face of popularity the court might grant this right to the organization. This is a perfect way for the US Government to make way for such corporate giants to pocket more profits.

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Words like ‘women’s choice’ and ‘women’s power’ are used to draw in public sentiments. In the name of choice and freedom, women are being exploited to undergo such expensive tests. If this testing is made mandatory then the taxpayers would have to face serious financial problems in the years to come. The risks of getting affected by breast cancer have been exaggerated to mislead women. In a frightened state more number of women would go for these expensive tests.

What remains to be seen is what will be the Supreme Court’s verdict on this.

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