A bombastic cycle of corruption, just 5 years after the big taxpayer bailout, by none other than corp. evil J.P. Morgan

The whole LIE and nothing but the LIE is what’s coming out of the mouth of one of the most Senior Executives of J.P. Morgan, in order to turn loss into green, to go from the “red” into the “black,” to take mass bailout money and still cheat the system for mass profit, with no regard for morals, ethics, or the LAW. There are still no rules for Wall Street. There aren’t any big busts of insider traders, and liars, and thieves. It’s like that movie “Lord of the Flies” except these are adults, primitive beasts who think cell phones and laptops make them advanced somehow, thinking technology and a three piece suit makes them special, enough to lie under oath and risk going to jail for life. That’s right, if the financial system crashes, these money thugs are going to be in an 8 by 10 concrete cell, with about an hour a day of sunlight and GMO slop all three meals, working for pennies making license plates and doing murderer’s laundry.

JD Heyes of NaturalNews has the full story as pressed in the New York Times:
“…warning of a potential crackdown by the regulator of the nation’s energy markets.”

The office of the comptroller of the currency thinks the BIG BANK CROOKS at JP may have had auspicious connections to the ONE and ONLY Bernard “Bernie” Madoff. They should make the whole conviction pay per view, so the masses of America that bailed out these global banksters not 5 years ago during the huge recession, so we could all watch em “burn” and go down in flames. Jamie Dimon, Chairman of JP Morgan has been warned, but that may just be the beginning of the end of bailout fraud and credit card fraud convictions for the global “tricksters.” Sometimes, unfortunately, regulations of Wall Street and the Big Banks, like JP, Wells, Chase, and BOA, well, that just means the executives have to switch banks for a while and lose their “customer base.” Yeah, they get “threatened with regulations” and then they have to lay low for awhile, like at Hilton Head playing golf or at Atlantis with their second “secret” family at their second home with their other life. Plus they have to split the profits from their criminal activity with the regulators. What a shame. Sometimes they just move their “assets” around, to protect them prior to going to court and getting convicted or “almost” getting convicted. There are lots of places Wall Street gurus hide their money, like off shore accounts, hedge funds, business schemes and even shifty puts and pushes in the stock market to increase dividends for “friends’ accounts.” That’s called insider trading and it’s humungous theft in Washington DC and New York especially now, after the recession, when politicians and bankers are all scrambling to “tuck away” as much liquid asset as possible before we all go over the fiscal cliff.

The hammer is coming down, my friends, finally! Check out natural news coverage:
“In a 70-page document outlining the actions, the agency also took umbrage with the bank’s top official, Blythe Masters, a “seminal Wall Street figure” who “is known for helping expand the boundaries of finance, including the development of credit default swaps, a derivative that played a role in the financial crisis,” the Times reported.”

Maybe they’re just TOO BIG NOT TO FAIL. We shall see in the upcoming months.

“Remember the “too big to fail” bankster bailouts that began in 2008? Bailout totals have exceeded $2 trillion. Do you know where that money came from? The Fed created it out of thin air. … It takes about sixty seconds and a single computer entry at the Fed, matched by an inverse entry at the U.S. Treasury. In mere seconds, whammo! Another couple of trillion dollars (and debt) is magically created.”

It’s about to HIT the FAN folks, so cash in and buy organic storable food and filtered water!

Mike Adams has more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038069_national_debt_income_tax_social_engineering.html#ixzz2UDPbU3Am

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