Importance of Turmeric highlighted by Natural News

The medicinal properties of turmeric have been long known to mankind. People in most of the Asian countries, especially in India use turmeric as a part of their daily diet. Apart from having cancer redeeming properties turmeric is also reported to contain certain elements that can curb unwanted fat easily. Natural News reports that the latest research by a team from the Tufts University in Boston has found out that curcumin, an ingredient in turmeric helps reduce body weight by cutting the fats of the animals. Another study conducted by Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine has come up with similar results. Know more on this topic at .

According to Science Daily curcumin inhibits new blood vessel growth necessary for the accumulation of fat. This bioactive component is present in turmeric that is regularly consumed in many Asian countries without any health hazard. The mice that were fed with high fat diet along with curcumin managed to cut their fat more than those who were fed only high fat diet. This result of the unique study does not leave even an iota of doubt about turmeric’s effectiveness in reducing fat and body weight. To get a comprehensive idea about the fact, log on to .

This astounding fact has never been made public in the U.S. because there has been a never ending endeavor from the government to keep American citizens in a permanent state of ignorance. There are many facts that go unheard or unseen but should be brought to the public.

The “tracker” by Natural News brings such news in the public sphere in order to make people aware of the scenario developing around them. Right from economic affairs, social matters to what really happened in Benghazi and the fate of Bill of Rights, each article is a startling revelation of all the Big Pharma and Big Food tries to hide.


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