Over-prescribing America: 160 emotions listed as DISEASE in new Psych “o” manual DSM-5

kids locked into tv (2)
Do you wake up a little sad? You need medication! Do you get a little stressed when bad news hits, or you watch the news on TV and read the newspapers, with all the crime and the war going on in the world? You need medication! Do you ever get angry about stuff, like when traffic is bad and people cut you off the road? Road rage is upsetting. Have you ever cursed out loud in the car and banged your fist on the dash? You need medication! Sounds like you’re bi-polar. Does your job frustrate you? Does it ever just give you a headache or wreck your nerves, like when someone gives you a hard time for not doing something right, even if you DID do it right? Does this affect the rest of your day sometimes, like keep other things from going right? You need medication!

In the United States, toxic food can make you feel very bad. It can wreck your nerves and make you feel anxious, worried, lethargic, over-reactive, moody, depressed, frustrated, or just plain “blah.” Is blah listed in the DSM5? You may want to check. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER of psychiatry folks, where if your twitter and Facebook posts say you’re pissed, You need medication! If you say you support certain Amendments, like the right to bear arms and protest GMO, well, my friends, You need medication! Your gun is not safe in your hands. You need a criminal background check and your voting rights suspended. You need to see a doctor regularly and discuss your other thoughts. Don’t worry, the IRS most likely already has your medical records, and your tax status is being reviewed while you talk about your bottled up anger, and your moody fits, and maybe that time you THOUGHT about doing something bad or illegal, that is really what they want to hear; – documented thoughts of bad thinking. Remember Minority Report? Your life is a movie now, just check the display button to see where you are and which episode is being played.

We predicted this folks! Everyone on Natural News and InfoWars saw this coming a mile away.
“This is the saddest moment in my 45-year career of studying, practicing and teaching psychiatry,” wrote Dr. Allen Frances when DSM-5 was finally approved for publication in its current flawed form.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040657_DSM-5_over-medicating_disease_mongering.html#ixzz2VRXX5ckw

Here’s some advice. Use this for the DSM – 6 and get rid of 5 right away!

Do you have MSG disorder?
Do you have Aspartame disorder?
Do you have GMO disorder of the cells?
Do you have chemotherapy disease?
Do you have radiation poisoning?
What about heavy metal disorder? Are you dying from too much metal? (Not talking about music here)

Are you suffering symptoms from medicine you bought off the TV, the one your doctor won a free trip to Hawaii for selling you?

Do you have lack of organic food disorder?
Wait, please tell me you didn’t have aluminum and MSG injections regularly? Oh, okay, it’s time to ask your Naturopathic Physician about treatment options.

Why more people are ditching their MDs and switching to naturopathic physicians

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/003032_Naturopathic_physicians_naturopathy.html#ixzz2VRc82o4i

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