Scientists are warning us: there are hazardous effects of GM salmon fish

According to Natural News, the genetically modified salmon are quite harmful and can damage the ecosystem completely. Even though the industry claims that these are safe, according to the latest research in Canada, it is nothing but a complete lie. The study found out that Frankensalmon is entirely capable of breeding with other forms of salmon fish or other species as well, such as trout. It also reveals the fact that this deadly fish can permanently damage the ecosystem.
There are other researchers from McGill University located in Quebec who conducted their own separate research and finally concluded that there are dire consequences which might take place if the GM salmon escape into the wild. It also becomes quite apparent that the Frankenfish are not at all sterile as they can easily reproduce with other breeds of fishes. It also proves that Frankenfish can be defined as a dominant and invasive species.
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Now, thanks to the U.S. government’s bureaucracies, that such dangerous seafood entered the realm of sustenance, and could be now manufactured everywhere. According to Natural News, the administration department dealing with Food and Drug “field” granted permission to produce harmful GM salmon fish, which are consumed at large scale by common people. The journalists though, cannot understand the reason behind such senseless decision. As per the British newspaper, Independent, the decision taken by FDA means that salmon can be now defined as the first officially GM animal which is safe to consume.
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According to FDA, they could not find any valid reason for banning the production of GM salmon fish. This is a decision which might lead to a boost in the commercial production. Now, this means that salmon fish can be sold lawfully in the market, even if it damages the ecosystem.
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