Disaster Upon Us! Excessive use of GMO ushering in health destruction

splenda kills
GMO foods seem to be getting more and more widely used, in spite of the fact that they are nothing more than poisons for human body. Especially in America the attack of GMOs has surpassed all previous records anywhere else in the world. Right on each and every highway exit there are junk food stores selling delicious, quick, cheap and GMO laden foods. These foods contain toxic ingredients that are not only capable of making a person seriously ill but can even alter the DNA structure in human body forever. Natural News reports that it is better to stay away from these GMO foods if someone wants to live a long life. More on this is at http://www.naturalnews.com/040737_GMO_foods_fast_food_drive-through.html#ixzz2W0gpvR1X .

The fast food industry is solely running on deception and cover-ups. Back in 2002, a correspondent of the newspaper Atlantic Herald, Eric Schlosser authored a book titled Fast Food Nation in which he clearly revealed how the fast food companies manufactured their products and sold them to the public. With several horrible truths becoming public, the fast food industry strongly reacted against the conclusions drawn in the book but was not in a position to deny the facts stated. In almost all fast food items colors and flavors are added to make them attractive, but are kept hidden from human eyes. Know more on this at http://www.naturalnews.com/040736_Fast_Food_Nation_processed_foods_human_consumption.html .

So, how is it possible for these toxic foods to be in the market, especially when everyone knows about the consequences? Natural News reports that the U.S. government is actually actively trying to propagate the GMOs in the market. The U.S. authorities are so desperate to push forward with GMOs that they are now ready to curb the freedom of individual cultivation. Biotech giants like Monsanto are seeking to control the entire food supply in the United States that would help them move forward with GMO propaganda. More of this story is at http://www.naturalnews.com/033387_Obama_GMOs.html .


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