Insanity of criminal politics: Lie, lie, get caught and lie more!

lying under oath
According to Natural News, whenever something is getting out of control then another high official in Obama administration is all set with another lame excuse. The main mantra that they follow is that they know nothing as if all the insanities which are taking place everywhere like the IRS targeting scandals, the surveillance program of NSA and also the killing of the American citizens secretly are all taking place without any knowledge of the White House. Another important excuse which can be heard from the officials is that they went rogue. It seems that all the members of NSA, IRS, TSA and all the other similar departments do not take orders from their heads or bosses.
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Anyone ever wondered what will happen if all the corporate slogans turn to tell everything truthfully? There is nothing to say about their propaganda, but lets get straight to the core of these companies and what they are all REALLY about. In order to help answer this question perfectly, Natural News came up with a significant graphic which mainly attempts to assign the slogans in a comical manner for the famous corporations like eBay, Google, Facebook and even twitter.
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As per the latest knowledge of Natural News, in a recent testimony by US Attorney General Eric Holder in front of Congressional panel, he has answered some of the questions related with AP scandals. The Justice Department’s Holder has seized the phone records of the reporters related with Associated Press secretly. Even though Holder completely denied the entire fact, he has SOMEHOW STILL RESCUED HIMSELF from the clutches of DOJ investigation related with this matter.
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