Government spooks may have created real life “Jason Bourne” with experimental mind eraser drugs
No, a U.S. Navy veteran did not speak fluent Swedish before he “woke up” in a hotel room with no memory of being a U.S. military man, in fact, he thinks he’s Johan Ek, some nobody from Sweden who loves tennis and has every piece of identification, including his passport and California I.D. card. There is no way this guy woke up from some war trauma and started speaking fluent Swedish, out of the blue, he looks more like a guy who gambles on Nascar and drinks lots of Budweiser while the cars hook the track.

Check out his photo as posted on Natural News and read what he’s saying: “The guy Michael — it wasn’t me. I’m still Johan,”
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Pure mind control with pre-programmed outcomes: A U.S. Government “Movie”

Just listen to CNN read the script of every event as if they’re just “reporting.” My friends, Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are better at reading the teleprompters than Obama. We hear of these “terror” events and the script changes day after day, even after people share videos on Youtube that show PROOF otherwise and get like 3 million views.


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As Mike Adams writes on Natural News all the time, psychotropic drugs are an integral part of the reason these crazy shooters and bombers have done what they’ve done over past few years on U.S. soil. Psychological experiments to see if people can wake up as someone else. Sometimes they’re released to commit a horrible crime, sometimes they’re just released, doped up, confused 100% about reality, and with memories in their brains they’re not even sure whether nightmares or real life or past life occurrences.

But sometimes, (and I am talking about this guy Gene Rosen from the Sandy Hook massacre), sometimes they’re just actors, really bad actors who talk too much and almost ruin the whole EVIL scheme:

Psychotropic, psychedelic, acid trips are what we’re talking about here. Mind control with drugs and multimedia, maybe even torture. The labs government spits these zombies out of contain everything the mass public would ever need to get these spooks out of office. The NSA may be able to access a lot of it, but they’re power freaks too.

This guy Michael Boatwright thinks he’s Johan Ek, and maybe Johan Ek has an implant in his brain, a little computer chip, and there is something coming in the near future, a mental “event” if you will, and this will trigger violence or some needed “causation” based on a memory inserted, and he might just end up “suicided,” with all kinds of automatic weapons in his apartment, a couple blocks from the mental hospital where they are “holding” him now, strapped down to a table, on lots of “Psyop” drugs, and watching a movie called “Straightjacket” starring Adrienn Brody. This is a fantastic summary of what just happened to Mr. Boatwright.

“A Gulf war veteran is wrongly sent to a mental institution for insane criminals, where he becomes the object of a Doctor’s experiences, and his life is completely affected”

Maybe Boatwright is a Swedish actor who you’ll see in the next Blockbuster 007 Movie at a theatre near you!

Mike Adams has coverage of all of this and more: “And if you still think mind control doesn’t exist, go watch people at the grocery store sometime and notice how they all buy toxic brands of products that just happened to be advertised on television. That’s simple mind control on a consumer level, and it works like a charm.”


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