Organ Transplantation – the Horrible Truth about U.S. Doctors

According to Natural News, doctors in USA are involved in organ trafficking where they take the organs out of living patients by falsely proclaiming that they are dead. As most of us are aware that a patient can be proclaimed dead only when their heart or brain has stopped working, but there are many doctors who don’t wait for such an incident. On the name of “cardiopulmonary arrest” and “irreversible brain damage” these doctors make use of the opportunity to take out the organs and supply it to other doctors who have patients waiting for those organs. This type of similar news was also reported by Natural News earlier as well.
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So while many patients are being declared dead in order to take their organs, the doctors on the other hand are involved in organ transplant rackets from where they are gaining huge amounts of money. Even the health insurance companies as well as the recipients pay huge amount for these organs as they need to take anti rejection drugs that are highly priced. In reality this entire process is money oriented where doctors are making millions of dollars transplanting these organs.

But what is more shocking is that all the organs transplanted are not healthy and are suitable for transplanting process. Many of them are infected with stealth viruses, hepatitis, mad cow disease and many other diseases. For example in the case of Colleen Burns, whom they pronounced dead, had consumed toxic combination of prescribed drugs. In spite of this, the doctors said the organs are healthy and can be used for transplantation overlooking the toxic contamination part.

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