Dissention in the ranks! IRS employees union NTEU wants exemption from Obamacare

Guess who wants exemption from the mandatory “sick care” bill? The very people who are going to fine you, sue you, and put you in jail if you don’t get it – the IRS! They do not want to be forced off the FEHBP (Federal employees Health Benefits Program) and onto the “UN-affordable Care Act.” Yes, finally panic is setting in for the health hawks that thought the legislation would never reach them, the untouchables. The NTEU is just one of many unions trying to avoid the devastating health LAW coming down the pike. They say crap rolls down hill, but nobody thought it could roll up hill, to federal hill!

Even the Teamsters Union has said that Obamacare-less-ness ACT will “destroy the very health and wellbeing of our members along with millions of other hardworking Americans.”


Say goodbye to your hard-earned health benefits. Get on the mandatory train wreck called sick care and get some GMO drugs and chemo, even if you don’t need it. Shove that round peg into that square hole, and make it work somehow. It’s time to turn over your guns and your medical records to the dictator who brought you NDAA, Federal raids on organic farmers, and the spying on every American via NSA.

Welcome aboard the big toilet bowl of healthcare, the cruise boat of insanity, where healthcare means getting flu shots and vaccines laden with GMO, MSG, and DNA from insects, and where you are prescribed pharmaceuticals made by companies who want you dead before you can collect social security that you paid into your whole life – the savings account the government already spent.

Former supporters of the President and his healthcare bill are jumping ship! Get out before you drown seems to be the motto. But how do you “get out”? Can you opt out and just pay the fines to the corrupt IRS, or will they come to your front door with the DHS and the TSA to take your woman and your children to a FEMA camp, and to make sure you understand and appreciate the Dictator? Are you ready for your re-education? Are you ready to enter the healthcare abyss? When the financial tsunami hits, where will you be? Will you be working for a corporation or a union that forces you to get some new world vaccine, flu shots, see a psychiatrist, turn in your guns and pledge allegiance to the IRS, which is actually an entirely illegal entity? The IRS is literally unconstitutional!

For more on this and your health freedom, trust the Health Ranger and natural remedies. You can fortify your immune system and make informed choices about your family’s healthcare needs by reading Natural News and talking to a nutritionist and/or Naturopathic Physician. Be smart. Work for yourself and create your own organic garden. Good luck! You are now exempt from idiocracy and the Un-affordable Carelessness Act.

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