Think before you decide to take TDap Vaccine for Whooping Cough – It harms more than it cures!

According to Natural News, Missouri has begun to offer TDap – a free vaccine to treat whooping cough. This treatment procedure started in the month of July. What the State of Missouri has failed to highlight are the severe harmful effects this vaccine has on an individual’s health. Michelle Goldstein of stated that about 41,000 cases of pertussis have occurred in the U.S. in the year 2012, which is quite high in comparison to the reported 19,000 cases from the previous year – hence the demand for this vaccine.
“The risks that whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus pose to health are low compared to the potential, serious dangers reported as a result of this vaccine. Whooping cough can be treated successfully through a vitamin C protocol developed by Dr. Suzanne Humphries which has been shown to greatly reduce symptoms. In contrast, antibiotic treatments, given routinely by conventional, allopathic physicians to treat whooping cough, have never been shown to positively impact the course of the illness,” stated Michelle Goldstein.
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The TDap vaccine is more dangerous than it is made out to be. The health consequences that a person suffers from after taking this vaccine are varied and ranges from brain damage to encephalitis and death. As per the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) report and documents, there are many health hazards associated with this vaccine. The TDap and DTap vaccines, which are presently usedd in the United States, replaced the DTP vaccine used in 1996. But the scenario remains the same. All three vaccines contain the pertussis toxin with unsafe additives that are dangerous to say the least. And, as per the National Vaccine Information Center, the DTap vaccine alone showed 52,835 negative reactions on July 21, 2013.
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