How bad is the U.S. economy? I saw a man on street with a sheet of paper that read, “Will work for piece of cardboard and magic marker”

It’s like a big joke to politicians – the fact that so many Americans are out of work, out of a home, out of a “life,” and begging for help. To the filthy rich, that’s a whole different world they think they’ll never know or have to deal with, but they could be dead wrong. People are living in the woods, they’re stealing copper pipes from new construction homes, they’re stealing spare tires for cash, and they’re breaking into homes and pawning what they steal. Some people are living with their parents, even though they themselves are 40 or 50. Some of those parents have their own kids moving in, so it’s like Russia in the USA, where families of 15 or 20 live under “one” roof, sometimes connecting the shed, an extra garage, or just throwing up tents in their back yard to accommodate their homeless relatives. The occupy Wall Street movement is now the occupy America movement, where people are desperate, destitute and little do they even know, the GREAT DEPRESSION is coming, and it’s not that far away. What is your pillow on your bed made of, feathers or concrete? Do you sleep in the street, or the bedroom? Do you eat your food off a log in the woods, or off a dinner table? Who are YOU and who are you helping survive? Are you just surviving or thriving? Politicians could care less, but Natural News Enthusiasts are together in this. Let’s progress together, no matter where you live now, or eat now, you can make it better.

Have you heard of “patient dumping?” It’s really going on in Las Vegas, Nevada: Read this: “When a psychiatric hospital doesn’t know what to do with a patient, they simply ship them off to another state, without a plan, without resources or anyone to greet them when the bus arrives. Essentially, when they step off the bus, they are homeless.”

Nobody should be homeless. In your community, you can help by helping shelters, writing letters to the Mayor or county representatives. You can donate to real worthy non-profits who help. You can help by not becoming homeless yourself too! Watch your money. Don’t invest in scams. Don’t buy fast food, cigarettes, diet soda or other toxic foods. Don’t work for the “man.” Don’t sell fast food! Also, never ever resort to crime.

Get smart. Tune into Natural news, know what’s going on, and do something in your community to make a difference.

“Thieves are targeting the spare tires that are on the backs of SUVs and under pickup trucks. The wheels are easy to steal because it takes only seconds to get them off a car, and the thieves can sell them fairly easily.”

Millions of Americans need help, physically, mentally and spiritually. You can help by talking about natural news, natural remedies, and organic living. Buy organic soil, grow organic food, and share it with homeless people or people at shelters. Tell them if they eat healthy, they will make better decisions every day. Don’t give them money so they can buy fast food or alcohol or drugs, give them real food and hope. Share information. They will find more, trust me. They have to decide for themselves, but we can be humble, forthright, and caring without jeopardizing our own health and safety.

Here is more from the Health Ranger Mike Adams:

“There’s a lot of talk in the world these days about how to help people. Should we reform health care? Bail out the banks? Grow the government’s social programs? While each of those may have merit, the real, on-the-street local answers are simpler than you think. Helping people only requires four simple steps, and when I recently found myself in Ecuador, driving by a shack on the side of the road where a barefoot woman lived alongside chickens and construction noise, I felt compelled to step in and apply these four simple rules.”

You can do this too! Find someone in need, ask what they need, go get it, give it to them, and repeat the process (but don’t give ’em soda or booze, or even cash for booze, bring them real physical stuff they need).

Volunteers for Peace (
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Tsu Chi Foundation ( (Buddhist Compassion Relief)

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