Health Industry Executives say ONLY ONE in a HUNDRED Obamacare applications can even be processed!

Natural News exposes mad scientists
That’s right folks, 99 out of 100 applications don’t contain enough information to result in enrollment. Ooops. From the Government who switched the war in Iraq over to Afghanistan, and from the NSA domestic spying nightmare uncovered, right to a computer system which does nothing but record the medical records and social security numbers of the sheeple who will soon be processed in FEMA camps. From a fake war on terror to a fake war on drugs, and from a staged attack on our own soil to a fake system of medicine that covers up symptoms of GMO fed chronic disease and disorder, Obama and his charisma have led the zombie nation towards a health cliff, a financial cliff, and a Grand Canyon of endless hope – less – ness. “Yes we can” be brain dead and vote for a lying orator, at least 51% that is! Learn more:


Step right up and register for your IRS fines America! Step right up and fill out every piece of personal medical information you have and give it to the government mafia so they can lean on you and force-medicate you come January. Will you even be covered, or will you just THINK you’re covered? What’s your deductible, is it $13,000? What’s your co-pay, is it just 50% of the total bill? Who funded the Obama campaign from April to November, was it the very vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors that create toxic food? Who is Goldman “Monsanto” Sachs? Who is Bill “Depopulate” Gates? Who is Barrack Insane Obama? Why does a President hire a lobbyist and former vice president of Monsanto to run the FDA, then keep GMO food unlabeled and force Americans to buy HIS healthcare system that kicks ‘em while they’re down?

The big “exchange” on line isn’t about registering for some free or low cost healthcare, my friends. The “exchange” on line isn’t about helping people get medicine that heals them, prevents anything, or assists in healthy living, no, the exchange is about exchanging YOUR medical history with your emails, your social site posts, your bank account information, your past due bills, past due taxes, past due child support, past due medical bills, past voting habits, past NON-PROFIT organization work, and everything else you may have done or may do that threatens the OBAMA-MAFIA ways and means of controlling the masses and getting filthy rich off them while they wallow in sickness, steep healthcare costs and steep taxes.

More coverage for all the political talk show TV bots, those who don’t yet tune into Natural News inside scoop:

Mike Adams the Health Ranger has coverage of this bottomless pit of health affliction and fascism and the continuation of:

“• The growth of federal power over states rights

• The continued currency monopoly of the private Federal Reserve

• The drugs-and-surgery health care system

• Continued criminalization of industrial hemp farming

• Continuation of electronic voting that allows corrupt political parties to steal elections

• Continuation of the Big Pharma medical monopoly over the U.S. healthcare system

• Continuation of the criminally-operated FDA, the corrupt USDA, the gang mafia DEA, and of course the gun-running ATF

• Continuation of the fluoride poisoning of the American people

• Continuation of nationwide vaccination programs that inject babies with mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde

• Continuation of the corrupt two-party political system and ongoing corporate lobbying that allows members of Congress to function as total sellouts

• Continued support of pesticide producers and the toxic contamination of the food supply with pesticide and herbicide residues

Learn more:


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