Is one big glitch? Find out the REAL meaning of the word “glitch” when used for politics

Dr. Lute
When an application has a glitch, it’s kind of like saying there’s something on the track you might trip over, or there is a small obstacle in getting from A to Z quickly, so you may need a “remedy.” Sometimes that remedy is a little code you have to punch into your keyboard or phone app, sometimes that remedy is an insert or a removal of some “splinter” or “thorn in the side” type of problem. Is there a glitch in the Obamacare website that is keeping people from verifying they are successful in registering for a hoax?

Was there a glitch in the EBT Food Card system for SNAP this past weekend, or did Obama close down that “national” park also, that WalMart and Kmart free food debit card?

Is there a glitch which allows people to pull cash out of ATMs and grocery store registers with their EBT card?

Is this a trillion dollar debt glitch that’s got us at War for no reason – did Bernanke hit the wrong print button and give a bunch of politicians hundreds of billions of dollars to fund fake companies and run with the money?

It is very important to understand that “glitch” – when speaking politics – means fatal error, or fatal omission of information and this is a sign of the times. Mike Adams the Health Ranger has more on this critical knowledge:

“In analyzing this behavior, what I’m about to share with you here is hugely important for anyone who wants to survive the coming social chaos and urban death traps that will unfold when a real crisis hits.”… “As this small EBT card glitch clearly demonstrates, if given half a chance, many EBT card holders will immediately engage in the mass looting of food and supplies as long as they can get away with it.”


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