Take 3 simple steps so you will never eat fast food again in your life! – A Natural News advantage

What’s a nano-burger? Do you know? What’s a blood-brain barrier burger? Have you heard? You didn’t touch the wrapper with your bare hands before eating that McDummie burger did you? Oh my God!

Tiny particles from the packaging of some fast food could be driving people totally insane, or it could be the MSG and pesticide bread, we’re just not sure, said NO spokesman ever. If this all sounds too crazy, check out the people who are freaking out and trying to kill people for their McNuggetts and their McNasty fries and coke (coka-cola may still contain cocaine, we’re not sure). Take these three simple steps and then read the news about the Zombies who tried to attack folks who deny them their FAST FOOD FIX:

1. Never, ever go into a fast food restaurant or drive through without first hiring a body guard who stakes the place out first. If you have to take someone else to the McCrappy lunch hut, do a background check on that person and make sure they are not armed or driving your vehicle.

2. If you ever accidentally take a bite of fast food, induce vomiting and go take some diatomaceous earth, food grade of course, to get the parasites out of your body as fast as possible. Then find the Health Ranger on line and get a good detoxification program. If you can’t walk or think, ask a loved one to do it for you.

3. If you ever touch the nano-particle wrapper of a fast food item of any sort, disinfect your entire body using hydrogen peroxide and non-fluoridated water. Then soak in an Epsom salt bath at least 3 times a day until the nano-particles leave your body and you feel sane again.

If you do eat fast food, you may wind up in line behind a zombie who wants to kill you to get to his/her chicken mcnuggetts!! Be very very careful, and call the Department of Fast Food Security, the DFFS, if you have to:

Here are actual reports of fast food zombie madness in America:

Big smack: Woman runs over boyfriend with truck after he refused to go to McDonald’s

Actual female zombie attacks McDonald’s drive-thru window, unleashes living dead rampage for Chicken McNuggets

More Chicken McNugget ‘strange fiber’ photos released by Natural News Forensic Food Labs

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041655_chicken_mcnuggets_strange_fibers_microscope_images.html#ixzz2jyGWOl6o

Good luck. Stay on the path. Don’t swerve. Don’t tangent. Don’t get off any exits where the signs look broken and decayed. Never believe a billboard ad, and stay in the organic HOV lane! Track natural news and follow the Natural News Tracker Here:


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