Obamacare – maybe it’s just a BIG TRICK to be able to bill millions of Americans for coverage they THOUGHT they secured on line

Mass Media for Zombies
Yes, this is a what if scenario, but you should research this closely, as history repeats itself, and the masses are still like the blind leading the blind, right over a health cliff. What if everyone, right now, who thinks they’ve secured healthcare on the government exchange, the one with all those “glitches” they just can’t seem to fix, what if ALL those people don’t have coverage, but think that they do? What happens when they pay the premium on line, but it doesn’t show up in the system, when that Big Pharma computer system collides with 100,000 hospital administration systems, and when those insurance companies gridlocked and password secured screens don’t mesh with Obamacare’s hunk-a-junk website, that can’t upload more than 600 people at one time?

What happens when your child breaks his/her arm and you gotta foot that bill? What happens if you get a concussion and need to spend the night in the emergency room, who pays that $10,000 bill? If the doctors want to run an MRI or CT scan? What if they need to test your blood or sew up some horrible cut? There’s one more AREA of coverage we need to discuss, and that is the bill that shows up as a tax lien and gets “confiscated” directly from your personal checking/savings account after 3 months past due. Don’t think it won’t happen! Forget about collection agencies and court summons, the IRS will collect that bill at will, because Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, and all the other big “guns” are connected. Ever heard of the Central Bank?

If you incur say, a $16,000 hospital bill, which is easily done with a few nights stay at a hospital, a few tests run, a maybe some organ surgery – if you can’t pay that, and you don’t have savings of your own, it may be collected by the ultimate collection agency, that just hired 16,000 people to get those 16,000 dollars directly from your personal banking institution. That’s why they call it an institution, my friend:

Just as Natural News predicted: Obamacare unleashes mass confusion as patients walk out of hospitals

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043418_Obamacare_uninsured_patients_mass_confusion.html#ixzz2polWG700

In a column published Oct. 6 – just five days after the official epic fail launch of Obamacare’s federal and state online insurance exchanges – Mike made this bold and, as it turns out, prophetic prediction, regarding customers’ inability to sign up for plans

Can IRS levy 2014 tax liens in wake of failed Obamacare enrollment site?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043212_IRS_Obamacare_tax_liens.html#ixzz2pooob7CZ


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