Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to Health Ranger Mike Adams and taken away from Barrack Obama!

U.S. President Barrack Obama won the Nobel Prize for peace during his ninth month in office. He got nominated for the prestigious award only 12 days after he became the president of world superpower the United States of America. But, the reasons for which he received the prestigious award seem insignificant compared to the works of other people of the world at that time, when it came to promoting world peace. Yes, Obama met the ambassadors and commanders of several countries around the globe immediately after he assumed his power at the helm as U.S. president.

But the phone calls Obama made to the ambassadors of different nations for a nuclear-free world, and the banner moments, such as the naming of the Special Envoy for Climate Change and the closing of Guantanamo Bay, enforced by the U.S. president, were nothing in comparison to the more active participation of other benevolent individuals for world peace. Thus, Obama winning the Nobel Prize for peace can easily be considered as symbolic, as he laid more stress on dialogue with the other nations than on participating actively to put the plans on paper to action.

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The initiatives on the part of Barrack Obama for implementing world peace seem very petite compared to the initiatives taken by Mike Adams, the Editor-in-Chief of and popularly known as the Health Ranger, for public welfare and health. Obama pushes GMO food throughout the globe to keep the stomach of the “starving” kids full. He also pushes Bill Gate’s vaccine agenda for making the kids in different parts of the world immune to various diseases. But, his flawed medical policies have lately created quite a chaos within his own country.

Besides this, Mike Adams has proven himself to be the eventual pioneer in food science and journalism. The revolutionary breakthroughs made by Mike in food science have played pivotal roles in protecting millions of individuals, 7 million per month to be precise, around the globe. Mike Adams created a forensic food lab for investigating toxins in organic and conventional foods. Mike is also examining foods for heavy metal toxins and investigating the ways by which foods capture and retain heavy metal toxins. This retention of heavy metal toxins causes various types of diseases among people all around the globe. The FDA is taking notice of the works of Mike Adams, and they are participating in the good cause too.

Mike Adams is providing the vital research information to the people for free. Thus, Mike is playing a very important part in forging the way for natural healing, food freedom and holistic medicine. Mike’s research promises the people of the world one thing – food revolutions for organic well-being throughout 2014. So, Mike should be awarded with the Nobel Peace prize for Food Safety Research, and not Barrack Obama.

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