Mass Boycott of GMO taking place right now!

infowars gmo march

You could take part in the MASS BOYCOTT of GMO food and beverage:

You could take part in your own knowledge gain and understanding of nutrition facts instead of myths perpetuated by Big Agriculture and the Cancer-Industrial Complex: (

Make sure you buy food that is “Non-GMO Project Verified.” The project certifies products that have less than 0.9% GMO contamination. That’s what I’m talking about! Hey, it’s not a perfect science, but it’s darn near close.

Check labels and dodge the “Factory Four:” Corn, soy, sugar (the latter from GM sugar beets) and vegetable oils — as these are made from GM crops and represent the four most common GM ingredients you’ll encounter in your food (at about 90%).

How do you get off toxic prescription drugs and toxic food drugs and get healthy? Check out Dr. John Bergman speaking on the toxicity of every pharmaceutical drug you can be “sold on” via TV and the allopathic health complexes — a.k.a. the Western “witch” doctors

Learn more:

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The Take Down Of America


Welcome to TIP. ABC, CBS, NBC and all the cable news channels are all bought and paid for and report what they are told to report. The MSM lies to and instigates people into political argument and gossip that leads to dead-end roads and distracts from the real issues. There is much better informational news reporting away from the Democrat and Republican tail-spinning arguments that are usually rooted in confusion and hate.. TIP is your alternative.


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