“Costly and confusing food labeling program” pushed through in Vermont – toxic GMO pesticide food must have a warning label – imagine that!

The biggest joke is that labeling GMO will cost US taxpayers money and make food more expensive. Hey, if your healthcare goes up 10 times as much because you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, who cares if a label cost 5 cents? Do you want to know what’s in your food, including DNA from insects, bacteria from other animals, and pesticide, insecticide and herbicide? Are you a pest or a human being who enjoys being healthy. Get the latest breaking news on GMO, heavy metal toxins in foods, and your first amendment rights via Natural Health News and the Natural News Tracker who’s looking out for health enthusiasts all over the world.



Don’t let the FDA sell you on GMO!

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The Take Down Of America


Welcome to TIP. ABC, CBS, NBC and all the cable news channels are all bought and paid for and report what they are told to report. The MSM lies to and instigates people into political argument and gossip that leads to dead-end roads and distracts from the real issues. There is much better informational news reporting away from the Democrat and Republican tail-spinning arguments that are usually rooted in confusion and hate.. TIP is your alternative.


illustrator Russell Jackson

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