Obama gives 16 billion to VA, but there will be a “price” to pay for all that – it’s called a NEW WAR

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There’s no such thing as a free lunch in Washington DC, and if you take money from Obama’s pockets (all his cohorts) then you will pay the ultimate price. Veterans who received HORRIBLE healthcare recently from horrendous hospital conditions, or those who died thanks to the US Government putting Vets on super long waiting lists (fake ones too), will all join Americans in paying triple or quadruple that money back to the politicians in the form of a new war, because companies and corporations that make billions off war, like Haliburton, are still in full swing, running the gamut of total monopoly when the US invades (installs fake democracy) third world countries and steals their natural resources.


There will be hell to pay for “better hospital care” incentives. The US government, after all, doesn’t spend a single dime to help ANYBODY unless they can make themselves a dollar from that dime. From the greed of Biotechnology to the corrupt practices of the FDA, America is run by thugs, gangsters and mafia like tyrannical men (and a few women). Any help to the veterans of this country from the Government will probably come in the form of chemical medicines, toxic vaccines and flu shots, dangerous untested pharmaceuticals, and superbug ridden hospital beds. Big Pharma will make sure of that.






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The Take Down Of America


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