The CDC is too slack about monitoring Ebola!

The CDC is too slack about monitoring Ebola, like it’s the chicken pox or something … are they insane? Ebola kills 7 out of every 10 people who catch it!

The CDC is beginning their “campaign” to monitor people who are more likely to have Ebola, like people who travel to one of the three affected Nations of Africa, except this “monitoring” is a simple “checking in” system where those folks take their temperature daily and report it to the authorities. But if someone has Ebola and starts showing symptoms, they’ve most likely already come into direct and indirect contact with people ALL around them, at work, at home, at stores, and worse, on airplanes, buses and in taxis.

How stupid is this regulation? Basically, if someone starts running a fever, and they report it to the CDC, THEN they are hauled in for quarantine, but it’s too late then.


This is America, supposedly the Western Medicine HUB of the world, where we figured out how to halt infectious diseases, and where surgeons can get the fat out of your arteries around your heart! Wow. You’d think they would use common sense and EXTREME precaution when regulating who’s visiting this country and who’s NOT ALLOWED to visit right now, while EBOLA is ravaging three Nations in Africa, killing 70% of the people who catch it from direct AND indirect contact, on public transportation, in restaurants, and in homes where entire families are wiped out.

Read this from the Natural News Report:

“… the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced October 22 that the United States would begin 21-day monitoring of any persons traveling to the country from Ebola-affected nations. Dr. Thomas Frieden said the program would begin in six states immediately and gradually be expanded nationwide. The Associated Press (AP) reported that those states were New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia. Airports in those states are major international hubs, officials have said.”
… “Obama Administration has still not ordered travel bans from affected nations, like many other countries have done.” Learn more:

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