Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) HELP smokers quit cigarettes!

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Britain’s Department of Health says electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) HELP smokers quit cigarettes and have 95% less toxins – New study reveals. The FDA of the USA won’t advocate e-cigs because they have no control over them right now and they help smokers quit cigarettes, but an agency for Britain’s Department of Health wants to help its people avoid disease and health destruction, so they released the truth about electronic cigarettes and the latest study reveals they contain 95% less toxins on average than cancer sticks. Folks, the proof is “in.”

E-cigarettes, if you weren’t sure, are tobacco-free devices people use to inhale vapor that often contains nicotine and some natural flavoring, so of course Big Tobacco doesn’t want anyone getting their nicotine fix from anywhere else, other than their 7,000-chemical-loaded pesticide sticks that burn at 1700 degrees and drive the billion-dollar cancer industry that Big Tobacco invests in heavily. Some…

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