GMO Nightmares!

Attention sheeple: 10,000,000 Americans get medical records seized by IRS in California; you may be next!

Do you live in the United States? Do you have a social security number? What about an address? My last question is – have you ever been to see a doctor and they told you that your records are confidential? That day has passed. That right is extinguished. That privacy is null and void, and you cannot erase the records the U.S. Government is stockpiling, reviewing and categorizing. You are a number, not a person, in the eyes of THIS system. You are a walking corpse that is fed with toxic fuel, and when you start breaking down, you are given toxic “fix it” meds, and when you can’t handle the stress or the pain of it all, you are simply the walking dead, paying a toll at every corner. There are mandatory tolls to pay now, like Obamacare, and there are taxes on things you already bought and paid taxes on. And you are paying for an unnecessary war. Your taxes do not pay for roads, bridges and schools, my friends. And there are mandatory exams now, inoculations, screenings and microchips being used to track you and your history, because let’s face it, anything you told your doctor, knowing it was confidential, is the most prized possession for someone who is trying to control you. It’s all about control. In fact, there are only two kinds of people in this world, those who are trying to control you and those who want to empower you:

Read this:

You control your food:

You control your “medicine:”

You control your career:

You control your exercise:

Control politics by not being fooled by them. You empower yourself and others.

Don’t let what’s happening in California happen to you. Protect your privacy. Protect your Bill of Rights. Make your self heard. Shop smart. Stop eating chemicals. Stop seeing quack doctors. Call a Naturopath. Call a Nutritionist. Protect your medical records. You have rights. Get a lawyer. Stay in tune with Natural News as we all follow this natural right that you have and deserve. Natural News covers it here: “A California health care provider that purports that the IRS stole “intimate and private information of more than 10,000,000 Americans including the names and health records of prominent celebrities, sports personalities, and CEOs, ultimately affecting roughly one out of every twenty-five adult American citizens.”

The “Mutated Wheat Invasion” has struck America

The Mass Media absolutely will not cover this latest atrocity. This is bigger than Oprah Winfrey talking smack about the polluted Meat Industry. This is bigger than finding out that of the 4 “Food Groups,” 3 cause cancer. Imagine, wheat which has a mutated gene which tells the human body NOT to detoxify itself. People, if you read up on this, you will understand that GMO WHEAT contains a gene “silencer,” like a silencer on a gun, when you get “shot” nobody even hears it, sees smoke, or smells gun powder, no, with this silencer, your body’s “pathway” for cleansing is erased, so say goodbye to “whole wheat” and “whole grains” and 7 grains and whatever they call it next, and find organic food, fast. This is worldwide alarming news on Wheat, and TV news may bring up the topic briefly, just to touch on it, so you won’t be so alarmed, and they will find reason that you should just dismiss it, like last weeks news, and like tomorrows new health catastrophes.

Natural News reports: “Japan has tentatively cancelled all wheat imports from the U.S. due to contamination concerns, while China, South Korea, the Philippines and the entire European Union (EU) are monitoring the situation closely to see how it develops.”

America pushes grains and fiber on EVERYBODY like it’s the golden health food. Whole grain bread and whole grain cereal, right? Woohoo. Hey, I’m going to clean my system right out! Then people with IBS, Crohn’s, other inflammatory disorders, they just can’t figure out what’s wrong, and neither can their “doctors” (MDs). Can’t do the math, but take two pills of pesticide and two of herbicide and I bet you’ll be able to figure out why you’re sick. Take two pills you spray with fungicide and insecticide, like some bug spray or some weed killer, and then wonder why your food and stress are making you sick. Talk to the doctor about stress, not the RoundUp you sprayed on your pills or on your dinner plate (hint: corn, soy, canola and msg). Tell you MD quack about the whole grain bread and the whole grain pasta that has a wheat gene silencer in it, and see if he/she knows what you’re talking about, or “WANTS” to talk about something else. Tell your doctor about GMO food, like msg, sorbitol, sucralose and aspartame, because you might even find it in the medicine he/she prescribed for you, for your IBS – to take on an empty stomach! MD’s won’t talk about GMO. They dismiss it. They are afraid to discuss Monsanto and AquaAdvantage. The AMA might come take their license away and ruin those 8 years of research that had nothing to do with Nutrition.

Are you taking something for regularity? Does it contain fiber or psyllium? Should you really be eating food that contains genes from insects, or pesticides which dissolve the insides of agricultural pests? Have you seen the pigs’ stomachs that consumed GMO? Have you seen the rats? Are YOU a rat? Do you want to feel like a sick dog all day, and end up getting prescribed chemo, more insecticide/pesticide for a disease you got from eating GMO pesticide? Do you think that will work?

Please, stay informed of the GM Mutated Wheat Invasion of America, and add it to the “biohazard” food list, like GM corn, soy, canola, beets, salmon, tilapia, and rest assured, there’s more to come. Natural News trackers keep you in touch with REAL health news and information.


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