Food and Drug Industry Cover Ups

The race is on to infect the whole planet with universal toxic “jab” called Norovirus

From inserting computer chips and tracking devices in humans to arresting people for pre-crimes (crimes thought about but not yet committed), the USA polices the world with medicine, militarized cops and yes, genetically modified frankenfood. The USA is so great! We spread democracy (bomb countries and pretend to fix them), we feed the world (send toxic food that gives you cancer inside 10 years), prevent the spread of communism (we ARE the communists), and we help other poor countries prevent the spread of disease (we force vaccinate them with chemicals as part of Bill Gate’s eugenics program). Yes, the USA saves the world (infects and controls) and makes the world a better place to live (destroys sustainability and pollutes the environment with pesticides and oil spills). Now the race is on to inject every human being walking on this great earth with a anti-virus concoction (it gives you the virus, among other bacteria and GMO) in order to stop the spread of disease (cause auto-immune disorder for the masses). You can bet the politicians and the Big Pharma scientists and representatives will NOT be getting this shot themselves, knowing the dangers. Merck and Pfizer must be in bed together on this one, with Obama and Bill Gates, the demon himself.

Side effects of norovirus vaccine will probably include severe stomach influenza and viral gastroenteritis, which is what it is supposed to prevent. It’s now in clinical trials, which means it’s being tested on prisoners, prisoners of war, children, blacks, and people arrested for drunk driving in Atlanta. CDC says 21 million people get norovirus annually, and based on statistics for other diseases CDC is on the record for reporting, this means there’s just a few people who have it, have had it, or died from it, and they’re probably all the ones who have been vaccinated. This is the swine flu, the bird flu, and the new mosquito flu combined with mercury, MSG, GMO chicken embryo, and some artificial sweeteners for smooth delivery and probably flavor enhancement. Maybe they’ll sell it at McDonald’s and Burger King with the happy meals, or maybe just enforce it with the draft for the 3rd world war, which begins the day the great American depression/financial cliff ensues.

And just where does the Norovirus spread the most? Hospitals, elderly care facilities and cruise ships! So if you’re over 65, you love cruising the carribean ocean or the Mediterranean Sea and you have Obamacare health coverage for all your existing conditions, you are the perfect candidate for the injection! Get the free jab with the all you can eat buffet on the next floating toilet cruise to your favorite island destinations!

Remember, it’s always important to lower your immunity with a concoction of chemicals jabbed into your blood before you go to the most filthy, infected places on the planet for your “extended stay” and your “permanent vacations.” Besides, there are just too many people on this planet, the food is running out, and we should look to our government to weed out the unnecessary, sick and weak folk, who are better off six feet under before they can collect social security, Medicare and Medicaid, and make this great country bankrupt! Trust Bill Gates, because he is a computer genius and he’s rich, and Americans know that people like that and the guru’s who work for him or used to work for him must be good people looking out for the masses, not just trying to get richer and acquire more power. Read Natural News for the inside scoop on this Global DNA “Riot” about to hit the streets and hospitals: “New norovirus vaccine loaded with GMOs and other harmful antigens. … But will the new vaccine be safe? It will probably only be as “safe” as the “safest” vaccines currently on the market, all of which carry with them the potential to cause permanent neurological harm, brain damage, and other nasty side effects.”

Learn more:

3. Many people don’t even know what GMO means, but when dying from glyphosate poisoning, they tell their loved ones

You don’t have to believe in the food devil for him to come get you and warp your cells, until they strangulate your good ones, and you die of cancer. You don’t have to believe in something or know about something toxic for it to do its damage on your human body. You can look the other way, but the food “bullets” are still flying and if they “hit you” you’re in for a rude awakening. What you don’t know will KILL you, slowly, and maybe in just 5 to 10 years, unlike what they used to with pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Most people do not know that RoundUp weed killer is in their food, food they eat every day, every meal and even in some supplements. Who makes RoundUp? Monsanto. Many people don’t even know about Monsanto, but when they’re on their death bed wondering why good people die of horrific preventable diseases like cancer, well, then they’ll tell their loved ones. Guess what? You don’t have to wait until its too late to learn about pesticides in common food and filter them out of your daily food and vitamins.

Ethan Huff of Natural News exposes Monsanto/RoundUp/Pesticide Food in this coverage of the biggest blight on the planet Earth:

“The most widely used pesticide chemical in the world, glyphosate has been a target of environmental protection and human rights groups alike for many years now. And rightly so, as glyphosate, which is widely marketed and sold under the Monsanto-owned brand Roundup, is linked to causing cell damage, genetic mutations, miscarriages, behavioral disorders, reproductive damage, immune disease, cancer, and death.”


How could the USA allow a chemical in vegetation that kills all the nutrients? – Because it makes them money. Dead weeds, dead insects, dying Americans – these are big money machines. Biotech is a nasty, dirty word, my friends, but kill the insects and weeds that destroy crops and farmers get more yield, or do they? That’s the sweeping claim of biotechnology, the inserting of DNA and genes from insects and poison into the seeds of plants. There’s a flip side to it all and it’s very scary. Superweeds and Superinsects are building immunity to these highly toxic pesticides, but humans are not. Human bodies are being broken down even faster, by consuming food that has ZERO nutritional value and contains bug and weed killer. Do you eat corn or corn by-products? Do you eat soy or soy by-products? Do you eat canola oil? Do you eat meat or drink milk? Find out more about bug and weed killer and hormones and antibiotics in your food that cause cancer and cancerous tumors from regular consumption. Then learn about biotech and the evils of the industry that is polluting American farmland by the masse:


What kills more Americans than anything else, including guns, drugs and medicine? Bug and weed killer tops the chart! Are you eating bug killer corn sugar (HFCS) daily? Are your children or siblings eating weed killing soy daily? This is food politics and the war on cancer, except in this case it means the war to SPREAD CANCER instead of trying to prevent or cure it. (

Millions of people are waking up to GMO and the Glyphosate Cancer Epidemic. Read about it. Write about it. Share the knowledge. Filter the poisons from your food, water and supplements and medicine. Visit the Health Ranger on line and learn about all of this. Natural News exposes the industry fraud, the myths and the lies about your health so you can experience health freedom and keep your family safe and living the good life. Choose organic and march against Monsanto! The rest of the world is doing it, in over 400 cities in countries on every continent. Read this:

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